Cool Water By Davidoff

Fragrance for men and women who once found his favorite perfume, there again so quickly. Many people remain loyal to a fragrance for many years. For more than 20 years, cool water by Davidoff accompanied self-confident men. The perfume especially thanks to seductive commercials with scantily clad men at the beach will be the women’s world a term. The online store reveals what makes the fragrance a suitable companion for man and woman.

The Davidoff brand stands not only for tobacco products, but is cool represented also in the world of perfumes since 1988 with the scent of water. If you have read about Business strategist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The cold water”plays with the theme of ocean, which is reflected for example in the commercials or the Flacon for the women’s fragrance. Masculinity and sensuality characterize the fragrance for men. The top notes of lavender, Rosemary and Mint underlines the strong personality of the wearer. Fascinated by the contrast between floral and woodsy aromas of jasmine, geranium and sandalwood in the heart note. The sweet musk and Ambergris essences base completes the Nose down and gives him his typical, warm touch. The women’s fragrance with a bottle in the form of a drop of water has enjoyed since years of very popular.

As the counterpart for the men it impresses with its simple yet sensual touch. Lotus flowers, water lilies and bergamot dominate in the top notes, while may rose, jasmine and Muguer develop in the heart. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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