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Ask advice to your webmaster or the current person in charge of your website or talk to friends and colleagues who have a little more than experience in the subject. 2 Prepare your list of requirements for the hosting service (capacity of) disc, broadband, security, applications, controls, etc.) 3 Investigates – get a search on the Internet for companies that offer this service, remember that you can be anywhere in the world and that they can have technical support in a language convenient for you. It is important that you read the reviews or assessments that make customers on the service of the company. This especially helps you to have a clearer perception of the quality of its service. Here you learns from the experiences of other customers. 4 Compares offerings – compares what you offer in each of the requirements and discussed elements and their rates. 5.

Have they compete for you – select at least 3 companies that meet your needs and requirements. Then, request information, quotes, promotional offers, additional services without cost or payment, among others. 6 Test the service – get service departments contact customer and technical support to see their level of response. 7. Decides to – choose the provider that actually offered you the best performance, the best service and a competitive price. After taking the election, it considers that the accommodation service is not an expense, is an investment for your company.

Learn to see things from the point of view of business: things really necessary are not an expense, are an investment. Why? because they are the things that allow your business to grow, increase in clients, increase the services you offer to your customers and more importantly, allows your business to integrate into the globalization and logres conquer customers anywhere in the world. It’s your decision, business decision. Do not skimp on your investment budget to achieve success. Remember that today, at this moment, there more than 1,596,270,108 Internet users in the world. To all those who want to conquer? Prepare your business, plans, invests in virtual tools and go forth to conquer the world through the Internet. I wish you much success. Written by: Alejandro Chavez / Okhosting IT Team Alejandro Chavez’s Ok Hosting research team, investigating and write interesting articles on topics such as: Marketing online, design of web pages, web hosting and domain registration. Alejandro Chavez along with other writers make up the research IT’s okhosting team and offer weekly and free articles and tutorials focused on guiding people who want to succeed in business online.

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