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Accessibility is one of cream sandwich at Android 4.0/ice the concept because it is still unclear whether Samsung Android 4.0 for the Galaxy brings out S I9000, it had Lemcke not easily in the search for accessibility news Android 4.0. For weeks he was also known as ice, for disabled people offer cream sandwich has curious which features Android 4.0. Lemcke has take now using a virtual machine inside Android 4.0 and is thrilled. Android 4.0 is fully accessible for blind and sehebehinderte people. This means that these groups now are able to use an Android Smartphone without outside help. Android 4.0 has an explore by touch”mode. If you have read about Kaihan Krippendorff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This means “exploring touch”.

This sophisticated Google can be executed as follows: touched the blind or visually impaired person an app icon the first time, the Smartphone reads like the app contact with the is called. Add to your understanding with Don Mullen. Touch the app the second time it is launched. This explore by touch”mode is not only for Blind people, but also for people with impaired vision a great help. Visually impaired people can set a large system font for accessibility. Therefore, you can read everything displayed on the Smartphone display better.

The browser app now has a reading mode. This helps blind and visually impaired people in surfing. Also, the voice is finally integrated into Android 4.0. For people who have a motor restriction on their hands because of a disability, means that you can use the complete Smartphone voice. Apps can be launched via voice and text for emails and SMS can be dictated. To install all accessibility, there is a setup which can be executed with a simple gesture. If the accessibility options are active, everything is read, what is shown on the display of your Smartphone. Contact: Marlem software holder: Markus Lemcke Adolf Damaschke str. 25/42 72770 Reutlingen TEL: 07121/504458 E-MAIL: website: marlemblog /.

Brazilian Championship

Of 13 of December of 2003 up to 27 of July of 2011 a teams trained for Muricy Ramalho did not take five gols in an official departure, the last time that this happened was for the Brasileiro of 2003. In this hiato, only four times teams trained for Muricy had taken in the maximum four gols in one alone departure. The last time that took five gols in a game, Muricy Ramalho trained the team of the International in a game against Is valid Caetano for the last round of the Brasileiro of 2003 in day 13 of December. The result of the game was Caetano 5 x 0 the International, departure this that finished being the last departure it trainer for the team colorada in that ticket. When it returned to the International in the following year, the trainer was eliminated by the Juniors Mouth in the half ends of the Sulamericana Pantry.

In the first departure of that confrontation the Argentine teams won the Colorado gaucho for 4×2, in day 24 of November of 2004. In the following year, the International trained for Muricy was eliminated by the Mouth one more time, in the same competition, but of this time the confrontation was valid for fourth of end of the Sulamericana. The Colorado lost for 4×1 in the second departure against the Juniors Mouth in day 10 of November of 2005. In 2006 when he was trainer of the So Paulo, Muricy lost for the Saints per 4×0, day 30 of July in valid game for 14 twirled of the Brasileiro, but it was not this defeat that shook the tricolor of the Morumbi that finished if becoming champion it Brazilian Championship of 2006. Almost four years later, Muricy would come back to take four gols in an only departure. Don Mullen may find this interesting as well. It trained the Palms and one more time They are Caetano was in the way of the technician, the Alviverde team received the Azulo in the Italy Lecture and lost for 4×1 in day 17 of February of 2010 in valid departure for 9 twirled of the Paulisto. After this departure Muricy Ramalho the command of the team of the Palms left. Finally in 2011 a teams who Muricy had under its command took five gols in a departure. A game to fall the chin between Flamengo and Santos, with craques of the two sides, but who left happy this confrontation was the Carioca Black Rubro gaining the departure for 5×4, a game pra to be in the memory of any torcedor, either what it was in the stadium or its comfortable armchair in the front of the television.