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Installation Of A Roof Of Metal

Each of us wants to have a roof over your head. Its functional aspect can not be even discussed: roof protects against moisture and other external influences, and also serves as a decoration of the building. Well and quality produced by installation of a roof, no doubt, will give you a feeling of comfort, security and aesthetic pleasure. Installation of a roof is not easy and is carried out in several stages. To date range roofing materials is quite broad and diverse, willing to please anyone, even the most demanding tastes. But very often the preference is given to metal.

At such a choice is influenced by several factors: relatively low cost materials and ease of installation, what deserves to be told in more detail. Immediately prior to installing the roof needs to know its size. Particular attention should be paid to the slope of the roof – in fact will depend on laying technology. If the slope is less than 14 degrees, the metal is placed into two overlapping waves. The next step is hydro-and steam insulation attic.

This is done to the inside of the metal is not formed condensate. Hydro-and steam insulation is made by placing a special film and insulating material. Next by lathing. To do this, bought wedges (crates) 2.5 x 5 cm thick, which nailed boards () at the corresponding wavelength of metal. In order to protect the bottom bar of the sheathing is nailed weather curtain rail. Crate which carries the curtain strap is usually made thicker than other by 10-15 mm. After installation, you must install the cornice valley and begin laying metal. Steel plates secured by screws with a frequency of 8.6 pieces per square meter. Of course, that completely cover the process of assembling the roof, to learn the subtleties of the skill outright nearly impossible. And if you're interested in installation of a roof of metal, it is better entrust it to professionals.

LEDs Nichia

Development of production technology of LEDs has reached a level where it becomes possible to use them for basic, functional lighting. New items of technical light emitting diodes are capable of effectively replace traditional sources of technical, industrial and office lighting. Firstly, this propeller ceiling led lights to direct light. Recessed LED-GS with one, two and three rotating light sources are regulated in two planes. As well as hanging lamps propeller LED-SD. Such lamps are analogues of the traditional halogen used for accent lighting trade halls, cafe, reception desks, but they have two very important advantages. This is a very low heat and low power consumption.

In fact, the use of led lamps with a power consumption of 18-54 W at overburden expensive electricity bill. And virtually no heat will benefit both the wellbeing of staff and visitors, and on a mode-conditioning facilities. Secondly, it is raster Recessed lighting LED-C002. This light unit is similar to conventional fluorescent lamps, installed in the ceiling of type 'Armstrong' s modulus 60h60sm. However, he does not need to work starters (ballast, ballasts), and more economical to 2-2,5 times! By illumination, LED-6001 with 40W power consumption is equal to four 18 W-nym fluorescent tubes (total-72Vt).

Ceiling recessed led luminaires downlight, designed for point illumination, available in several sizes. Stylish LED-N47 diameter of 150mm and a luminous flux 90Lm, uses powerful LEDs Nichia (15W). Connected to the network 220 via power supply (LED driver). LED-N20, 136mm diameter, is turning "Downlight" to regulate the direction of the luminous flux value 420Lm. LED-N29 (diameter 130mm, 560Lm) has very little depth of insertion-only 43mm. That is simply indispensable in narrow ceiling space. Summing up, we denote again the benefits of led lighting for functional lighting: Huge lifespan – 5-7 years without replacing the bulbs Can be used in locations where lamp replacement difficult to implement or impossible. Low operating costs. Low power consumption – several times smaller than traditional bulbs. Low load on the mains, due to the low power consumption. Low heat, high fire safety. Operating Temperature Do not use ballasts (ballasts, chokes, starters). No stroboscopic effect (pulsation, flicker). High environmental due absence of mercury and other hazardous gases and deposition. No need for special disposal. Vibration and shock resistant. Good color rendering – Ra80. Surrounding area and things look natural.

Rent Generator. Quality For Any Organization .

Design of all production, particularly industrial, in any event may require a considerable degree of deliberation. And especially with respect to the planning of the production activities. In particular, Bearing in mind that from that factor, the extent to which it is high quality and well-planned, sometimes depends on the efficiency of production, and its benefits, and numerous other items. For companies that are engaged in industrial functionality at a distance from the standard state of electrical networks, or in places where public power supply in a position to fail, especially beneficial priobretanie unconventional sources of energy, which make it possible not to waste time waiting, and to work, despite any setbacks. The often used gasoline generators Petersburg, which give the ability to ensure nearly uninterrupted Industrial production anywhere in the country. High-quality generators provide an opportunity to dispense with the mains as long as necessary, in addition, even create a far from civilization areas of functional processing complexes.

By the way, this applies to wood harvesting and wood processing at an early stage. (As opposed to Drew Houston). And if the business is based directly on the work at points where the electric energy can form difficulties, inmesol – this is exactly what you need. Using the latest generation of diesel generators provide a regular supply of energy in fact any mechanism, the low overall level of noise and environmental purity. While such generators are cheap enough to use the fuel. It may be noted that, for your any enterprise is able to select the optimal combination of price and reliability for the generator electricity. Such devices are not considering everything else is also extremely easy to move. They can be used as small businesses, including large firms, which tend to remain confident in the fact that a pause with electric shock will not lead to spending on factories, especially – on the production of continuous nature. But if big production often acquire special equipment such as its mobility provides an opportunity to move it to a variety of production, right according to need, for small firms is the best solution – it is taking in the rent. Since it is not free rental of diesel generators – a number of extremely popular browser-based queries such subjects. Eliminate interruptions, improve industrial production, to be able to make the production process more productive – for such a need is the acquisition of practical and reliable generators of electricity. This will make the business of real independence.

Benefits Online Radio Broadcast

We will understand the concept of online. This concept came to us from the United States and was formed from the English online, which means a direct connection to the Internet, a kind of live broadcast. English-language word is an antonym offline, the word denotes the state of the computer, cut off from the outside world and working only with their own resources. The current fashion dictates always be connected, that is able to online. It does not matter whether it refers to Internet or mobile communications. Online word constantly combined with other words such as games, radio, music, money, video, and others. Radio online interactive quality builds a bridge between the listener and Radio on the Internet.

Mainly found on the Internet Radio Broadcast simple, broadcasting on the FM broadcast band. But there began to appear absolutely new projects. Online radio broadcasts of them exclusively in Internet. Even the old station became known to promote their web-sites on the Internet, where they introduce students to the speakers, offering the best entries esters. In addition, some projects are added to the sound video image.

The most advanced radio offers its listeners to take part in the life of the radio station, offer timetable, to communicate in duplex mode. In any society there is a bundle of interest. Not everyone wants to listen to radio only, I would like also to talk about it. For these active citizens in a just and radio online forum. Absolutely anywhere in the world can turn to radio or a specific person. Countrymen, to go abroad, in constant need of correspondence, to communicate in Russian. Radio broadcasting live presents some very serious demands on the communication channel, but progress does not stand still. Now all difficulties can be overcome. Duties of many people make the whole working day to be connected, and online radio creates a familiar background to which they quickly become accustomed. Listen to online radio more pleasant because of the fact that they broadcast mostly without advertising. Traditional radio stations broadcasting over the Internet starting, expanding the circle of listeners at the expense of foreigners. Also, if our compatriots went abroad on holiday or business trip, he's not will miss his favorite radio station. Radio stations are now almost instantly can obtain estimates for a given transmission. To facilitate the search and preferences known radio special available software. Base stations are very large. They are mainly entertainment, but the sound quality is simply amazing. Broadcasters radio on the Internet offer a selection of the speed signal, from which depends on the quality-sounding music. Another reason why listen to online radio are much more convenient is that on a regular radio stations are so close that already overlap. This affects the stability of the reception. In addition, there are points in cities where there is no certain radio signal. Listening to the radio online, we always know the song title and artist name. Today, radio stations that broadcast over the Internet There are several thousand. Radio online forum works not only for listeners but also for developers of new Internet solutions and projects. Here they can share their knowledge, experience and modern transmission technologies of sound. Broadcasting live just gaining momentum, and interactivity in its infancy.

International Academy

Training starts every Monday. language courses in germany plan to enter one of the universities Germany? Want to improve German language skills for work or do business with foreign partners? A few words about the program: We offer training in schools eurasia institut (Berlin) and F + U International Academy (Chemnitz, Erfurt, Gottingen, Heidelberg); Wide range of courses: from the general course of German language to the long-term programs (for those entering in Studienkolleg and universities of Germany); Length of the course of months to a year; Cost of course – from 400 euros per month. When buying long course entitled to discounts on training; Choices of accommodation – from a room in a student dormitory to a separate apartment. In language schools in Germany, you can prepare for the exams dsh or TestDF. Why should learn German in Germany? 1. The most highly developed country of Europe, 2. Subject to purchase the course over 3 months you get long-term visa with right of renewal in Germany. Upon completion of this course, you can take the exam at knowledge of German and enroll in any university in Germany, 3.

School all year round. Start dates – the first Monday of each month. German-speaking, can join the group corresponding level at any time (after passing the entrance test for knowledge of the language), 4. Big country – great opportunity! After graduating from a German university problems with employment generally does not arise. Language courses in kanade Want learn English from scratch or improve language skills? planning to enroll in a Canadian university, and decided to thoroughly prepare for exams? Do you want to take the exam for a certificate toefl? A few words about the program: Recommend training at a language school ilac.


Being overweight is not something that you may have overlooked, is a progressive problem that is already damaging your health and can unfortunately put an end to your life. Fortunately in Monterrey is the solution to this problem and is called: Obesity surgery. Obesity surgery has been pointed as bad for your health but you should know that all these comments are based on taboos that have been disappearing with the passing of time. It has been proven that is much more harmful overweight that perform obesity surgery. If after dealing with hundreds of diets and exercise even more not being able you signed up you have to know that you have not tried everything. Obesity surgery is a success story and Monterrey found only at specialized centers. Monterrey doctors who practice the obesity surgery are highly qualified to perform the operation, are very reliable and always give a very nice service. Kaihan Krippendorff pursues this goal as well. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are the most famous obesity surgeries in Monterrey, it is necessary that you go with your doctor to discover operation is suitable for you and you all the necessary information in this important step that you give in your life..


Today Facebook is the social network that has greater authority within its competence and which handles more traffic of users. This tempts the majority of people who try to do business on the Internet, since it is easier to use the traffic on these networks to carry them to your site, no? In this article I would like to give you some advice or tips that can help you increase the amount of fans or followers of these pages or groups, if you think that I omit any important can leave it in the comments at the end of post, overall this is for everyone and the idea is to share. There is enough for everyone can grow! Pages or groups that are most successful or that have a large volume of fans are those with titles are flashy, fun and creative. For assistance, try visiting David Green. I pass some examples: 5 minutes y me levanto the night Beach to that when we arrived late go inventing the excuse in A way what I mean with these examples, that if your have a brand name e.g.: car wash (clean all kinds of cars in your area) would be a mistake to call it that way, get more fans by placing some the company motto or phrase that generates curiosity or the attention for ej: for those who never washed his car who does not hate washing the car we wash the car while you rest there are many pages of fans and groups, in fact are still created hundreds of them every day, I do not want to liefew also achieved popular success. I’m going to mention some personal experiences and people that has shared them on the Internet. 1 Where it says suggest this page to my friends invitarias to all your contacts and you could ask your closest contacts to do us the favor of inviting your friends to become a fan of our page.

Giuseppe Verdi

Concert performance with live drawings by Ulrich Scheel Giuseppe Verdi’s 7th Opera Giovanna d’ Arco”is listed 200th birthday on Friday, the 13th of September in the year of Verdi’s at 19:30 in the Hauptkirche St. Jacobi in Hamburg. The performance is a concert performance with live drawings. The Illustrator Ulrich Scheel will follow with the pen the performance scene and this is transmitted on a screen. There is another level in addition to the German parent texts of the performance, Sung in Italian. In some ways, Giovanna d’ Arco has to do also with the Hamburg University of music and theatre. Because she is busy with the soloists of Hanna Zumsande as Giovanna (a current graduate), with Benjamin Bruns (Carlo/tenor), Member of the Vienna State Opera, a former graduates, and with Geerd Smits (Giacomo/baritone) a current Professor of the Institute. The choirs, representing particularly many identities in this opera, are choir and vocal ensemble St.

Jacobi, and a specially assembled male choir singing. David Karp may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Church music a living tradition, diversity, and originality characterize music life at St. Jacobi. With an especially wide range of programme and performance practice, St.

Jacobi in a unique way contributes to the musical heritage of four centuries in church services and concerts are heard. The Arp-Schnitger-organ and the modern Kemper organ, the choir and the vocal ensemble as the choirs of St. Jacobi and the Cappella Praetoriana Orchestra ensembles, Cythara Ensemble and Concertone Hamburg are sound bodies, which meet all musical genres and styles. With the medieval church room, the separate South aisle, the Schnitgersaal Tower, the Jacobi, Mr. Hall and the Barocktreppenhaus on the north side has a rare wealth of venues, always again creatively used for new concert forms. From early music to modern, from the cantata-musical, from the Sunday to the musical theme night St. Jacobi offers always evocative sound experience inside the Church. You can get an impression with the recordings of organ and choral music, continually arising in recent years.

Ears Stop

When you hear a buzzing in the ear, and that does not disappear, it is very likely that you’ve heard the sound of tinnitus. If the sounds that you hear only last a few seconds or minutes, it is unlikely that case of tinnitus. The majority of people experiencing for the first time this disease occasionally hear in your ears like a roar, hum, hiss, or pinging. For more clarity and thought, follow up with actress and filmmaker and gain more knowledge.. Men are more likely to have buzz in your ears than women. The hearing loss as age progresses is one of the main causes of this disease. Sometimes, the hum can be heard in both ears and it can also be indicative of other diseases of the ear canal.

Sometimes it may or not may need medical attention. Depends on the constancy and permanence of noises, and also other variables as variation extreme on volume of noise and other. In the majority of cases the ringing in the ears is more a nuisance than a serious problem. The good thing is that it is not necessary to cataloguing it as a disease, but perhaps as a warning about another problem that is being generated in the ear canal. We live in a world where there is noise everywhere, so it is very easy to damage the inner ear by the constant noise exposure our daily life. It is estimated that there are more than 50 million people worldwide suffering from ringing in the ears.

The problem is difficult to describe, since all people are going to interpret the sounds differently, but in some cases can lead to serious cases of insomnia. There are some people who suffer from chronic hum and others who simply hear sounds soft and almost so low that go unnoticed. The best way to avoid hearing damage is always using protective caps when you attend a concert or show, and be aware of the dangers and take into account that prevention is better than cure. Did you know that headphones used with high volume can be humming in the ears? An ear infection can cause hum. Also rooms with excess noise such as where aweapons of fire are tested or music to high intensity can result in lasting and harmful effects for your ears. There are some medicines, especially antibiotics, or large amounts of aspirin that can cause tinnitus. Allergies, high or low blood pressure, tumors, an injury to the head because of a strong blow, may also generate buzz in your ears.

InvestitionsBank Berlin receives capital in the high six-figure range in the framework of the programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology of the InvestitionsBank Berlin. Berlin, July –, Germany’s first online style advice for women, receives new growth capital by InvestitionsBank Berlin (IBB). In a question-answer forum MSCO was the first to reply. That of EU co-financed programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology (Pro FIT) a six-digit amount flows over to the Berlin start-up total. The funding to be used in particular the technical evolution of the shopping platform. A solid technological base is an essential component of Kisura. With the help of Pro FIT we can consistently develop our technological processes and focus in particular on the development of an innovative recommendation technology”, explains Tanja Bogumil, Managing Director and co-founder of Kisura. Go to Jim Crane for more information. We know very well our customers as well as our products.

This information is the basis for a new recommendation software based on one intelligent database. Our individual and personal approach to Consulting learns this. an important technological support” The new technology provides tailored recommendations in real time connected with a special shopping experience of the personal shopping. Customers benefit from much shorter wait, processing and delivery times at the same time higher service level. The technology requirements for the participation in the Pro FIT program are very high. Promoting the IBB reaffirmed”our innovative technological approach, Bogumil is pleased. Thus we strengthen our unique selling point over the competition shortly after the start and position ourselves as a modern platform for personal shopping”.

Kisura has made it his mission to digitise the traditional shopping experience: experienced stylists advise the clients individually and personally in fashion and style questions. Preferences of the customer in relation to lifestyle and fashion, as well as their personality, their style and type are included in the advice. As Result receives a selection of fashion, which will be presented in a virtual showroom tuned to the customer by email. The outfits are supplied without obligation after ordering home and customers decide themselves or with the help of advisers, what they want to keep. The rest is sent back free of charge to Kisura. The exclusive service is currently free for new customers. The Kisura GmbH with seat in Berlin is Germany’s first personal online shopping platform for women. The Berlin startup was founded two graduates of the founders wrought in the autumn of 2012 by Tanja Bogumil and Linh Nguyen – HHL (HHL) with previous experience from the startup industry. The company has been active since March 2013 and has served over a thousand customers.